Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Disney issues warning over counterfeit bracelets

A number of recent cases indicate that Disney is dealing with a new type of Lyin’ King in the form of counterfeiters.

The popularity of Disney films has spawned the sale of countless items of counterfeit merchandise online, including dangerous snap bracelets. Counterfeit products are poorly made and have not undergone any safety tests so can be harmful for children to handle. With Christmas fast approaching, Disney has released a statement warning parents to be on alert for poorly made and potentially harmful counterfeit products.

The warning comes after a number of reports established that counterfeiters are selling bracelets bearing the Disney logo and associated images on online auction sites. The bracelets, known as ‘snap bracelets’, consist of a flat steel spring band covered in plastic. When slapped against an arm, the band immediately wraps around the wrist to form a bracelet.

Unlike their genuine and more expensive counterparts, these bracelets are covered by a thin layer of plastic. Underneath the plastic cover is a sharp slice of metal measuring tape that poses a potential threat to children. The plastic covering has been themed with images from a number of Disney films including images from the popular movie Frozen.


The case highlights both the physical dangers of counterfeits as well as the damage caused to brands. Counterfeit products bearing the logo or images associated with a particular brand have the potential to undermine public trust in that brand.

To prevent counterfeits from sullying your happily ever after, consumers should take care to check the profiles and locations of sellers and review customer feedback. Therefore, rather than giving into temptation and buying potentially harmful counterfeit products parents are advised to either buy genuine products or to simply let it go.


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