Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Lower costs for brand protection in Australia - IP Australia fee changes

IP Australia has announced changes to the official fees for trade mark applications and renewals in Australia, to take effect from 10 October 2016.  Changes to Madrid Protocol applications designating Australia are scheduled to take effect from 28 October 2016.

The good news is that the $300 per class registration fee for trade marks will be removed, which brings IP Australia in line with a majority of countries. 

The removal of the registration fee has been partially offset by an increase in trade mark application fees from $200 to $330 per class of goods and services claimed.  The trade mark renewal fee will also increase from $300 per class to $400 per class.  Several opposition fees have also been removed.

The changes mean the overall cost for seeking trade mark registration in Australia has decreased.

Depending on when your trade mark is next due for renewal, there may be some costs savings if you renew before 10 October 2016.  Please contact us for further information. 

If you require assistance with trade mark applications, trade mark renewals or general advice in matters relating to intellectual property, please contact a member of our trade marks team.

Alex Hutchens
Belinda Breakspear
Paul McLachlan
John Kettle

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