Monday, 8 May 2017

Australia to become a destination of choice for clinical trials

The National Health and Medical Research Council has established the Clinical Trials Ready initiative in an effort to make Australia a destination of choice for conducting clinical trials.  Clinical trials offer significant contributions to the economy, providing incentive for making the Australian industry more competitive internationally.

The initiative aims to identify potential sites that are ready, willing and able to conduct clinical trials in a safe and transparent environment.  It is hoped that this will improve overall transparency and make the approval process more efficient.

A draft proposal of how the initiative may look is currently in the hands of members of the advisory group and jurisdictional representatives.  It is expected more progress will be made in the coming months with a second meeting of the advisory group.

If you would like any advice in relation to clinical trials in Australia please contact our Intellectual Property team.

Belinda Breakspear
John Kettle
Melinda Kastanya

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